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Case Study: Energy Plus


Program: Commercial Account Acquisition

Client Objectives:

  • Acquire commercial accounts through a door-to-door sales program in Southern New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland.
  • Utilize electronic acquisition tools to enroll customers.
  • Focus on small to medium sized businesses

OSM Solution:

This would be OSM’s first initiative into the commercial sales field. We felt we needed to identify and hire an experienced Sales Manager and seasoned Sales Representatives in order to effectively generate sales and meet client objectives.

We developed a strong internal support system through technology and management. We hired our sales staff based upon the territory they would be operating from with the idea that they would know the local economy and the businesses who served it.

They may better understand some of the financial challenges the business owners faced in operating their businesses within the local community. Networking, building relationships, and referrals were all made easier through this process.


  • Exceeded 100,000 megawatts sold and over 5,500 customers for three successive years
  • Results earned the awarding of the Northern New Jersey Territory.
  • Experienced just one customer complaint against over 90,000 customer interactions.