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Case Study: Barclays Bank

Program: Customer Acquisition – AirTran Airways VISA

Client Objectives:

  • Utilize electronic application acquisition for the AirTran Airways VISA Card
  • Transition into an existing program and increase new customer accounts
  • Representation at 2 sales kiosks inside the Air Tran concourse at BWI International Airport
  • Reach and surpass individual and team account goals

OSM Solution:

Recruit, hire, and develop a Sales Force led by a full-time Airport Sales Manager. All team members were fully educated on the correlation between program results and program profitability and how these results drive their compensation package. Everyone, from OSM corporate to the Sales Representatives had some skin in the game and was included on all aspects of the acquisition process. Our internal Account Executive worked closely with Barclay’s to track program performance and process results quickly so field compensation could be adjusted to address trends in performance. As a result, Sales Reps were incented to maintain quality of accounts while driving volume.


Within 45 day, OSM increased new customer applications by 216% and new customer acquisition by 160%. Staff turnover decreased and employee satisfaction rose, driving productivity. Sales Reps have been described by client, customers and independent auditors as, high energy, knowledgeable, engaging and confident.

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