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How We Do It

Why work with OnSite Marketing?

Partnering with OnSite Marketing brings with it a wealth of experience and expertise in field sales and sales management. We can develop a team of sales professionals where you need them and will ensure they are as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your business as you are.

Direct mail continues to produce fewer and fewer results and radio and television are difficult to determine ROI. With OnSite Marketing’s sales approach, and pay-for-performance model, you only pay when we deliver a customer. It’s this willingness to invest in your business that has made our business a success.

How We Do It

Our projects start from the ground up, which means we have the processes in place to move quickly, get the right local management team in place, create the proper training tools, and immediately bring results without sacrificing quality.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Sales Professionals are held to high standards. We’ve developed many of these standards with the help of our customers; collaborating on what behaviors and methods a Sales Professional should adhere to while maintaining a balance between sales volume and customer service. We recognize that our Sales Professionals are representing your company and, as such, are responsible for creating the most positive impression of your brand during the sales process, even if a sale is not made.

Proven Results

OnSite Marketing is run by a team of experienced Sales and Marketing Professionals who have all spent time managing resources and people to attain specific targets. OnSite Marketing\’s employee based philosophy of dedicated program management and staffing (we do not use independent contractors or third party agencies) ensures our clients receive consistency in all phases of execution, quality communication, and program control. Our track record speaks for itself. Let our experience and expertise bring success to your sales program. Contact us to see what we can achieve for your organization.

A True \”Sales\” Culture

OnSite Marketing has worked to develop a different model and approach to your acquisition business. By utilizing an employee based model we place the emphasis on quality, then quantity.


We’ll never take on a project where we feel the proper oversight and controls cannot be put in place. Without them, we, and our customers, are put into a vulnerable position and nobody wants that. If we can’t handle something, we’ll say so. All that said, we haven’t had to say “No” very often.

Since 1996, we’ve learned a thing or two about putting the proper systems and oversight in place to ensure the quality of the customer experience remains consistently high while sales goals are achieved.


We have an acute understanding of the challenges our clients face with today\’s marketing environment, and we are dedicated to working to ensure the success and profitability on all of our client\’s programs.

Proven track record of success: Our clients receive the expertise and knowledge that comes with operating profitable and successful customer acquisition programs.

We are always evaluating new products and services to represent to our base of over 20,000 active business owners. If you have a product or service that is specifically targeted to helping businesses save money and grow their business, and you’re looking for professional sales representation, then give us a call today.